Shailene Woodley's Vanity Fair Party Dress

The Oscars 2012 is now over. Vanity Fair's Party coverage showing Shailene Woodley (nominated for The Descendents) in a pretty dress and look at her shoes too! I have been thrilled to see how much she knows what looks good on her, I am assuming at this point in her career she's not dressed by some high paying stylist. Designers should find their muse and know their market. Are you dressing someone like Shailene Woodley or Meryl Streep, know your target market. BTW, don't say 18 to 55, the age range crosses 3 generations of life styles and body types!


La Perla Sexy

Women don't wear lingerie for their men or partner. You have to feel good for yourself, I mean, me as a woman and be confident of who I am/you are. La Perla offers luxurious designs that make me scream! We need more genuinely pretty and sexy lingerie. What so cool is that you know you have something so beautiful on, underneath, quite an imagination.


Fergie in JPG, Just Perfect!

Fergie, good job picking this dress! It's the Grammy, you got to look like a Rock Star! I vote thumbs up for you.

Hand Work on Silk

I am back! I took a hiatus from blogging to concentrate in putting business operational changes in place. For those who want to launch a line, it's never too late to start. We have successfully helped 6 indie labels to launch in the last 6 to 8 months! Quality is always a question: silk items are soft and it's always going to a little bit of puckering on the hem. Look at the Hermes Square Pocket shown.