The Met 2013 Gala has been the swankiest of affairs to date. The annual fĂȘte, which formally kicks off the Metropolitan Museum of Art's yearly Costume Institute exhibit, always brings in a bevy of style stars, from models to designers to Hollywood's A-list. Last year, celebs shined in metallic ensembles, each giving a unique nod to Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. This year, we expect things to be totally different -- with a theme like "Punk: Chaos to Couture," we're bound to see plenty of studding, black leather and perhaps a few mohawks. Here's our favorite pick hot off the red carpet!


This lace dress by Vionnet keeps the label's 20s inspired drape in mind. I think this is a great party piece! Quite a number of consumers I talk with and they consider $2K dress expensive, this little number's original price tag was $6K+ USD.


Hitting The New Yorker is our IX Professional Fashion Design and Manufacturing Services ad in the famous September fashion issue!



Alexis Bittar

His Lucite jewelry excites me! It's like a painting by Modigliani or sculpture by Anselm Keifer, you cannot mistaken that for another artist's work.


Shailene Woodley's Vanity Fair Party Dress

The Oscars 2012 is now over. Vanity Fair's Party coverage showing Shailene Woodley (nominated for The Descendents) in a pretty dress and look at her shoes too! I have been thrilled to see how much she knows what looks good on her, I am assuming at this point in her career she's not dressed by some high paying stylist. Designers should find their muse and know their market. Are you dressing someone like Shailene Woodley or Meryl Streep, know your target market. BTW, don't say 18 to 55, the age range crosses 3 generations of life styles and body types!


La Perla Sexy

Women don't wear lingerie for their men or partner. You have to feel good for yourself, I mean, me as a woman and be confident of who I am/you are. La Perla offers luxurious designs that make me scream! We need more genuinely pretty and sexy lingerie. What so cool is that you know you have something so beautiful on, underneath, quite an imagination.


Fergie in JPG, Just Perfect!

Fergie, good job picking this dress! It's the Grammy, you got to look like a Rock Star! I vote thumbs up for you.

Hand Work on Silk

I am back! I took a hiatus from blogging to concentrate in putting business operational changes in place. For those who want to launch a line, it's never too late to start. We have successfully helped 6 indie labels to launch in the last 6 to 8 months! Quality is always a question: silk items are soft and it's always going to a little bit of puckering on the hem. Look at the Hermes Square Pocket shown.


Happy Saturday :: Gossip in Style

I was at a fashion event, not the Met gala, unfortunately. Aging beautifully came up as a topic, I think someone needs to feed Vera Wang, when one is over 50, a little more body fat keeps one young. Fat is natural collagen, get it? Please send her a Wagyu burger.


Gold Standard

Gold is great if used sparingly, to me, it's never the choice for accessories. This Linda Johnson band, however, is amazingly beautiful, my pick for the month.


Flame Bracelet by House of Waris

Its unique design with black diamonds deserve a mentioning here. I simply think of this bracelet one masterpiece.



Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton Presents Awards :: "Burton, the creative director of the eponymous Alexander McQueen label - himself a legendary CSM alumni - presented the award for first runner-up, which this year went to womenswear designer Nicholas Aburn. The designer presented a collection of voluptuous and padded silhouettes with stripes and huge hats thrown into the mix." by Jessica Bumpus for Vogue UK


Coach Luxe Bags Making a Comeback

The sales of luxury goods are up 11% this first quarter and Coach is planning to bring back their high end bags.


Hot News :: Gap's CEO Replaced

I just received the news flash from fashionmag.com that the head of GAP Inc. has been replaced. Gap, Target, Forever 21, Kohl's ... and many more retailers have made trendy designs available to everybody especially those on limited income (shall we say poor?). I shopped at these stores for disposable wear, wash twice, toss out into the donation bin. I don't like to live that way, I simply just don't have time to take care of quality clothing items. It's a bad thing I am doing to the environment and global economy. Next generation designers, listen to me, you need to change that! Bring back the quality of life.


Footwear. Artwear. Brian Atwood's Fantasy.

I want to call this the Lobster shoes, the design reminds me of lobsters. Perhaps the inspirations did come from Brian Atwood's own experience with cooking up some fresh and yummy lobsters while vacationing at Saint Barts. Few have the lean and long legs for them but I could see these pumps on Naomi Campbell or Maggie Q (Nikita), the design is demi fantasy.


Designed By.{{Name}}

Dreaming to launch your own designer label? Look at this cool blog at Designed By Name, do you think you have the potential to be the next Marc Jacobs or Stella McCartney? Honestly, I am still mourning for the loss of Alexander McQueen, ThreeAsFour reminds me a bit of McQueen especially their 2010 Fall RTW collection. I will miss you forever, McQueen! Time for the next generation designers to step up to fill the role of L'Enfant terrible of the fashion world, right?

Designed By {{Name}


Makeup 101 with Terri Tomlison

Part of branding is image creation. Makeup transforms a face into memorable images that can have a lasting impact in the minds of millions. Lucky people in Dallas will have a chance to hone up some makeup skills from one of their celebrity makeup artists: Terri Tomlinson. Terri has worked with many modeling agencies and celebrities. I approached Terri before for a private consultation, this is indeed a great opportunity for all of us now she is offering regular classes!


Jean Paul Gaultier for Target A Miserable Failure

Nothing worse than a designer brand going mainstream and failed in quality, construction and fit. Target does not always have the right manufacturer for making its products, you have to look carefully what's going on with a garment. Gaultier's dress shown here uses the cheapest material (hair salon cape) and with bad sewing (seams falling apart, buttons come undone on the rack), it's a miserable failure.


Losing McQ

It's been snowing all day here. The office is closed. I have a sore throat and a runny nose. Sad news came on BBC, my favorite fashion genius Alexander McQueen had died. Oh no, no, no, no ... a dramatic and unexpected ending just like his fashion shows.


Mi Energia Simply Positive Collection

A collection that empowers women world wide to think POSITIVELY! How unique! Women need to support this line as part of the proceeds will help fund educational programs for empowering the next generation of young women. Go to Shop Mi Enegia or call us. Yes, this handbag line is Made In USA with Simply Positive energy by non-sweat shop workers. I work in the shop, trust me!


Dressing for Mr. Fredericksen

When I watched movies, I paid very close attention to the details of the clothing or costumes. I find them fascinating, clothes are such an important part of the storytelling. Love the ties Mr. Fredericksen was wearing, check them out!

Michelle, Queen of U.S.A

Michelle Obama looks like a true royalty of blue blood in her Naeem Khan. I disagree that Naeem is the new Wu, Naeem is Naeem, period. His gowns have souls, they are not just fluff. I know garments well, we make high-end garments for designers in the USA, fabrics and fit have to be just spot on. When a woman is at a certain age (above 30), she needs to accentuate her grace and wears styles that complement her inner beauty. Clothes are great accessories to wisdom. A confident woman wears Naeem Khan.


Big News! Pink Memo's Editor in Chief Katrina Szish Hosts 2009 FGI Dallas Awards Gala

Hot News :: Katrina Szish will be hosting the Purple Carpet reception of this year's FGI Dallas Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2009! The event is going to be on November 20th at W Loft Dallas Texas and fashionistas should book their tickets now on www.fgiawards.com ($75/pp).

Koi Suwannagate Fights Back

I said it here, Koi's last season was boring but hey, she acknowledged that she was playing safe and this new collection is absolutely mouth watering! Another one on my watch list. I can so see myself in this royal blue dress.

The New Master - Christopher Kane

Among all the young designers, I personally have found Christopher Kane's designs very fresh (I like his point of view). It's playful but not too girlie girlie; it's edgy but yet so classy. I will continue to watch him grow.


Lauren Leonard, Power 30 Fashion Designer

Young, fresh and trendy, that's the kind of collection Designer Lauren Leonard brings you each season! Lauren has just received her well-deserved recognition as one of the most powerful young business entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Georgia. Congratulations to Lauren and her team!


Michelle's Style

I am fascinated with Michelle Obama's style, she has so much class but her beauty is beyond her clothing, her glow comes from within. Michelle Obama is energetic and fresh, her intelligence shines through her choice of clothes and how she carries herself.


Isabel Toledo

Michelle Obama's dress stirs a world wide interest on Isabel Toledo's designs. The Atlantic Magazine's March 2009 has an article on Designers' Designer revealing a little bit on this true artist and un-celebrity. I am pre-ordering my copy of Isabel Toledo: Fashion from the Inside Out!


Fashion Group International 8th Annual Rising Star Awards (DALLAS)

Craig Muller was our Fashion Design Honoree this year at the star studded black tie gala on November 8. It was my pleasure to co-chair this event with Lori Veith's Dana Melton for Fashion Group International Dallas. The event was hosted at Hotel Palomar Dallas, other honorees were: Toni & Guy in Career Achievement, Jan Strimple in Fashion Innovation, Pink Memo in Fashion Communication, Kenneth Craighead in Inspirational Leadership, Kacky & Carl in New Community Retailer and Holly Johnson Gallery in Art. Dallas is truly the fashion hub for the fashion devotees.


c a r n c e Dallas Designer Emerges

A new rising star has emerged from the local scene in Dallas, Chance Jackson is the talent behind of the most coveted new line of handbags and apparel.


Koi Sunwannagate Needs a Margarita

I am not so sure about her designs as a fashion designer. Her rework of cashmere pieces were quite unique and beautiful, back then, when she was still an unknown designer. This resort 2009 collection does not have anything to it. Fashion designers could have mental blocks like writers and painters. Relax, have a margarita, that may help!


McQueen's Femme Fatale

I have been secretly admiring Alexander McQueen as a fashion designer for years. The Hitchcock influence on his collections has been going on for quite some time now and he continues to be seduced by his femme fatale. The grey suit that Doris Day and Kim Novak had worn in Alfred's movies, and the rouge lips, OMG!


ICON STYLE P. Valentine Designer Competition

In the spirit of Project Runway and a pursuit for new design talent, P.Valentine in conjunction with IconStyle Inc. launches its first annual "City's Most Loved Designer" competition. Winner of this contest will be announced on February 27, 2008 and the designer will receive a gift subscription to our Fashion Business Basics 101 course to help jump start their fashion business.


Birds of Ohio at PrintSource New York Show

Just finished trend scouting at New York City's Direction Show and PrintSource for inspirations. Both shows are held at the Penn Plaza right across from the Madison Square Garden on 7th. Spotted some great talents at the show, Birds of Ohio brings in fresh eyes on vintage print interpretation and new print design ideas. Missi and Brian are very helpful and personable. For designers who want to do their own fabric prints, talk to the Birds of Ohio team at missi@birdsofoh!


2008 Fashion Colors

This Spring and Fall we are seeing lots of brights. Our Kate and Cate design team's creating fruity and garden inspired classics for those who just can't wait to be at the front of the trend. The linesheet will be available some time next week. Kick off the year by previewing the hottest new colors.


New Year Green Direction

New Year's Resolutions? You may have "eat healthy" or "lose some weight" in mind. How about practicing Yoga? Better yet, do Yoga wearing one of the best bamboo eco-friendly clothing lines in comfortable designs! The winner of our Sustainable Award Design, HipToBamboo, is the best bamboo clothing label in the market. Babette Sanders, the designer, has been teaching Yoga for years and her bamboo clothing line is so soft and beautiful. Go Green in 2008, wear Bamboo!


Fashion Business Quiz

Let's see ... do you think you know much about how to start a clothing line? Contact us today to see if you will qualify for a first hour free consultation.


Behind the Scene of The Fashion Industry

Have you ever wondered how a line of clothing is being developed? Many people don't know that manufacturing is not as glamorous as one may think, the final products are fashionably worn on celebrities but there are a lot of people involved in the whole process from design conceptualization to packaging. Here is a video you can see how a domestic team is getting a clothing line ready:


Fashion Business Basics 101

The much anticipated fashion business basics 101 online how-to start a fashion business guide is officially available at
. It's a friendly guide perfectly designed for newbies to the fashion industry. Do you want to be a fashion designer? Then don't miss this chance to learn more about how to start a clothing line from the people who've done that.


KC3 Laced T-Neck Top

The Kate & Cate style is a mini-dress luxe version of this style created for Victoria's Secret. The Kate & Cate version is made of very soft and luxurious wool crepe, it also has a gold buckled sash belt to go with it. Retailers who carry bridge price point designer label that is in between Marc by Marc Jacobs and Victoria's Secret, they are finding Kate & Cate's Pre-Fall collection 2008 exactly in trend.


Barneys New York Marc Jacobs Ball Pump

OMG! Look at Marc Jacobs' ball pump, how cute! I bet they are also quite comfortable. I had a pair of high heels from his line I swear I can run in them. Marc Jacobs has amazed me with his creativity, it's hard to imagine how much time he actually sleeps with all these lines to design and market. Fashion design students, please take heart - it is all about hard work.


T'is the Wine for Your Parties This Season

Wine or aubgergine is the color of the season in addition to navy and gold. We love this laced top because it's perfect with pants to keep you warm in those chilly cold cold winter days in the Pacific North West or in those charming New England towns with your insulated snow boots. In some way, holidays are more fun dressing up down South or in North Texas, you can still wear those ultra sexy stilettos.