Happy Saturday :: Gossip in Style

I was at a fashion event, not the Met gala, unfortunately. Aging beautifully came up as a topic, I think someone needs to feed Vera Wang, when one is over 50, a little more body fat keeps one young. Fat is natural collagen, get it? Please send her a Wagyu burger.


Gold Standard

Gold is great if used sparingly, to me, it's never the choice for accessories. This Linda Johnson band, however, is amazingly beautiful, my pick for the month.


Flame Bracelet by House of Waris

Its unique design with black diamonds deserve a mentioning here. I simply think of this bracelet one masterpiece.



Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton Presents Awards :: "Burton, the creative director of the eponymous Alexander McQueen label - himself a legendary CSM alumni - presented the award for first runner-up, which this year went to womenswear designer Nicholas Aburn. The designer presented a collection of voluptuous and padded silhouettes with stripes and huge hats thrown into the mix." by Jessica Bumpus for Vogue UK


Coach Luxe Bags Making a Comeback

The sales of luxury goods are up 11% this first quarter and Coach is planning to bring back their high end bags.


Hot News :: Gap's CEO Replaced

I just received the news flash from fashionmag.com that the head of GAP Inc. has been replaced. Gap, Target, Forever 21, Kohl's ... and many more retailers have made trendy designs available to everybody especially those on limited income (shall we say poor?). I shopped at these stores for disposable wear, wash twice, toss out into the donation bin. I don't like to live that way, I simply just don't have time to take care of quality clothing items. It's a bad thing I am doing to the environment and global economy. Next generation designers, listen to me, you need to change that! Bring back the quality of life.


Footwear. Artwear. Brian Atwood's Fantasy.

I want to call this the Lobster shoes, the design reminds me of lobsters. Perhaps the inspirations did come from Brian Atwood's own experience with cooking up some fresh and yummy lobsters while vacationing at Saint Barts. Few have the lean and long legs for them but I could see these pumps on Naomi Campbell or Maggie Q (Nikita), the design is demi fantasy.