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Dreaming to launch your own designer label? Look at this cool blog at Designed By Name, do you think you have the potential to be the next Marc Jacobs or Stella McCartney? Honestly, I am still mourning for the loss of Alexander McQueen, ThreeAsFour reminds me a bit of McQueen especially their 2010 Fall RTW collection. I will miss you forever, McQueen! Time for the next generation designers to step up to fill the role of L'Enfant terrible of the fashion world, right?

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Makeup 101 with Terri Tomlison

Part of branding is image creation. Makeup transforms a face into memorable images that can have a lasting impact in the minds of millions. Lucky people in Dallas will have a chance to hone up some makeup skills from one of their celebrity makeup artists: Terri Tomlinson. Terri has worked with many modeling agencies and celebrities. I approached Terri before for a private consultation, this is indeed a great opportunity for all of us now she is offering regular classes!


Jean Paul Gaultier for Target A Miserable Failure

Nothing worse than a designer brand going mainstream and failed in quality, construction and fit. Target does not always have the right manufacturer for making its products, you have to look carefully what's going on with a garment. Gaultier's dress shown here uses the cheapest material (hair salon cape) and with bad sewing (seams falling apart, buttons come undone on the rack), it's a miserable failure.


Losing McQ

It's been snowing all day here. The office is closed. I have a sore throat and a runny nose. Sad news came on BBC, my favorite fashion genius Alexander McQueen had died. Oh no, no, no, no ... a dramatic and unexpected ending just like his fashion shows.


Mi Energia Simply Positive Collection

A collection that empowers women world wide to think POSITIVELY! How unique! Women need to support this line as part of the proceeds will help fund educational programs for empowering the next generation of young women. Go to Shop Mi Enegia or call us. Yes, this handbag line is Made In USA with Simply Positive energy by non-sweat shop workers. I work in the shop, trust me!